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author: setsunadiava(MK RAI)
an environmental fic.
all settings and characters are original.
this is just an rough sketch of the entire book.
pls do comment on what to change.
this was written in 2008.

perhaps contains a little angst... character(s) death.

    I can’t sleep any more. Every time I close my eyes I am assaulted with terrible images. There would be people dying  all around me, their lives being taken away as if it were worth nothing.
    There would be fire and hail falling from above and showering down upon the earth below… but all it ever hit was the race we have come to know as the kings of the earth, the human species…
The smell of smoke and burning flesh wakes me, and I can’t go back to sleep. It seems like some ominous warning, there had to be something out there that was telling me about it through my dreams… if only I knew what it was then maybe I can do something…I've never been one to believe in the supernatural but...
  What is it that I have to do…?
  Is there a purpose to my dreams or are they only plain nightmares…? 
  I don’t know when it began, but I have lost my appetite, I don’t sleep anymore, I am becoming weaker and weaker every day… I'm sick and tired of every thing, of life…
 Nothing seems right anymore.
    I sit outside at nights and watch the stars; it feels like they are mocking me… the moon looks like it is laughing at me…
    It seems that I have gone mad… but deep within my soul I can feel it is all true… and that I am not hallucinating…
The trees seem to be talking to me… the sway of their branches and the rustle of their leaves…all seem like a way of talking to me… like they are accepting me as one of their own… my own thoughts seem absurd and mad to me…
I wonder if I have truly lost it… because it feels like the clatter of rain outside is the earth’s tear drops falling… I think I hear the earth crying…
 its becoming more and more absurd.
There is something out there that is calling out for me... calling me by my name...
I don’t know what's going on anymore; perhaps I don’t really want to know about it….


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